What we do

At Wings to the World we offer a wide range of services that are designed to guide you to optimize your life experience while making the most of your full potential.

We have divided our services into different categories according to the stage you are in the process of discovery.

Soul Advise: This program is based on the idea that we as human beings all have a life path to follow, which includes making the most of our creative nature to leave a print in the world. It is our aim to help guiding you in this process of discovery.

Pre Interview: This is the first and one of the most important stages in the Soul Advise program, because it allows us to “get to know each other” before we embark in the following stages.

Consulting: At the consulting stage, we will decide the terms in which you’re going to continue using our services and what you will be needing from us.

Mapping your Life Path: Using different tools, we will help you find more information about your life path and help you explore your options.

The Creative Journey: We love the way artists build their projects and for us your life is the best project that can be built. So it is our aim to go along with you in this quest of creating from the void where everything is possible.

Dream Exploration: We offer this service as part of our Soul Advise program. However, you can request this service at any stage of the process and we will be happy to assist you.

Finding the Sources: In Wings to the World we are interested in helping your projects become a reality. Once we feel your project is ready, we will assist you in finding the right sources of funding for it.

Talks and Workshops: We offer talks and workshops on a variety of topics relevant to our mission in Wings to the World.

Artists Engagement: We engage artists to contribute to our social initiatives at Wings to the World.  Through creative actions we mobilize people to reflect on important issues through peaceful activism.

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