The loving pace of deer

The calm deer has come to look for you. You saw it but it saw you first. It only wants to byoung deer - wings to the worlde there with its meaningful presence.

Its heart beats in peaceful harmony and you can notice that its soft rhythm allows the universe to feel calm.

The divine halo of love that permeates through its existence is soft and calm, it is always there… it vibrates and remains.

If the deer feels threatened it swiftly stands up straight and goes to another place where it connects again with the heart of the universe to continue sending love from that place where silence resides.

If you ever feel fear or defenseless by your surroundings, just remember how gently and serenely the deer can move to another place without harming its environment.

Are you ready to let go of fear and move forward?

Would you allow the energy of love to be your guide?

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