The beauty of uncertainty

The more we want to be certain about something, the less it seems we can grasp it.

Life has its own ways to cover and uncover things for us according to what we’re ready to see.

There are times in our lives in which the only thing we know is uncertainty.

There is no way for us to know everything, and in the same way, knowing too much can also be painful.

I watched this film a few days ago, Hector and the search for Happiness, that tells the story of a psychiatrist, who after many years of having a ‘perfect life’, decides to travel around the world in search for happiness. One of the conclusions Hector comes up with during his journey is:

“Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.”

And I believe this is true.

Sometimes knowing too much can spoil the plot, and this is why life creates its own way to avoid us having to face something we are not prepared or ready to see.

Sometimes, on the contrary, we insist on life showing us more than we are ready to see or experience. This is when things can become tough.

There are times in our lives in which the only thing we know is uncertainty, and we need to learn that this is part of the whole story.

The more we can understand that uncertainty is part of life, the better.

This is one of the main reasons why I don’t rely on weather forecasts to know how my day is going to be.

Has uncertainty taught you something valuable?

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Thank you for making part of this story.

See you soon!

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