Strong and Resilient

I was once a baby and although I thought it was impossible to be as strong as my mum, I can proudly say today that I can stand up by myself.

I am strong and independent and my internal power accompanies me everywhere I go.

No matter how huge an elephant is, it was once a baby who walked next to its mum’s legs while feeling its warmth and protection.

Day by day the adult elephant found the necessary means to protect the elephant calf until it became an adult who could easily find its way without external protection.

ELEPHANT2At first, the elephant calf imagined it was impossible for it to survive without its mum, but as it kept walking at her side, it realised how big and strong it was becoming.

The mum always watched from a respectful distance the elephant calf’s steps until it became strong enough to handle its own legs and follow its own path.

The adult elephant now sees the elephant calf becoming an adult too, not only in its physical aspects but also in its internal power.

You probably have gone through periods in your life where you have felt the need for protection as the elephant calf did. How rewarding it is for you and those who have given you this protection to see you recognising your own internal power!

If you have been as the elephant’s mum, you probably know how wonderful it is when you see your elephant calf growing up strong and resilient.


We all have once been whether the elephant calf or the adult. No matter which role we have performed, we always have the chance to experience and learn.

Seeing an elephant calf growing as strong as you thought they could become is one of the best gifts you can have.


Well done for those of you who have walked your path gaining and recognizing your own internal power! You can surely keep walking with your head held up high and be the ones to guide others by your example.

Keep standing strong and smile. Elephants are always happy!

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