Speedy and stealthy

Crocodile_wings_to_the_worldMy skin is hard and strong enough to stand the currents of a muddy period. I can handle difficult situations waiting patiently for the right time to capture my prey.

My eyes are perfectly designed to view situations from different perspectives regardless the changing environment. I can easily adapt to land and water and my body and skin protect me from any hazards.

Others fear me while I just stay there and breathe. My strong presence allows me to endure periods of long preparation.

I can easily handle the depths through my power and strength. I merge with mud, while I cautiously wait for my next rapid move.

If you ever find yourself rushing for moving, just remember how the crocodile patiently waits for the right moment to make a speedy move.

You can allow the crocodile energy into your life to help you remember how to balance stealth and speed in an impeccable way.

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