Randomness sets the game

A few weeks ago I had a very especial talk with my friend Daniel Barbosa, who genuinely manifested his interest in working with me to start creating from the heart and contribute to the growth and mission of Wings to the World.

We arranged to start having interesting conversations and meetings in order to put our ideas into action. Today it has been a very especial day as we had our first formal meeting to start creating from the heart.

Although we both knew it was our first meeting, we didn’t plan anything specific for it, just to find a nice spot to sit and talk and that’s what we did…

At the library…

I’m here with Daniel today, it’s our first day in the library. We came here to talk about our work and to have a different space where our ideas can flow.

We just had breakfast, I brought fruit and orange juice and some nakd bars that I bought in London and I really miss so much.

It was great as we practiced some English words with him, by looking at the contents of the bars, such as ‘cashews’, ‘raisins’, ‘dates’ and ‘dairy’ 🙂 A great start.

Just now we are sitting in a very nice spot at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Library, where you can sit quietly while having a very nice view of some trees, a few buildings, just a few, and maybe some mountains and clouds in the distance.

Daniel is just taking photos of 5 books he randomly took from the shelves following my suggestion.

Now he’s taking photos of 5 other books I took from the shelves following my suggestion too.

We’re just going to do an experiment of creating from the heart.

I asked him how he’s feeling, as he doesn’t really know what is going on, I didn’t even know how we were going to ‘work’ today and what was going to happen today either. I just knew it was going to be special.

So when I asked him how he felt so far, looking at the books, he said: “I see shapes, colours and graphics”.

This makes me think and feel Daniel knows what he’s talking about.

Daniel has always been a very curious guy and he loves how things look in the world. He likes for things to look pretty as I do… One of the books Daniel took is called ‘Arte y Fotografía’ (Art and Photography), Daniel is a genuine photographer and this confirms this is what he’s so passionate about.

Our first challenge/or experiment

As soon as we entered the library, I thought it could be interesting to suggest Daniel a challenge I always  liked doing myself every time I have been to a library since last year. It’s a challenge which I’ll call today: ‘Randomness sets the game’. 

The challenge consists in grabbing a few books from the library shelves, any that catch your attention, and then decide what to do with them. You can read the titles of the books and from there start writing a whole dissertation yourself, you can decide writing poems from the books you grabbed, or you can simply meditate while looking at them. You could decide just to look at the books for a while and see where they take you. This is what I usually like doing, and they usually take me places I haven’t anticipated.

So, I wanted to invite Daniel to this challenge, without giving him any clue what it was really about, I just gave him some basic instructions to not spoil the result. So this is what I did…

The first instruction I gave him was: 

  • Grab 5 books from the shelves in the library, any that catch your attention, and bring them to the desk, (I will do the same after you have chosen yours).
  • He did this very quickly, he picked the books from just one shelf, so I followed him and did the same. I picked my 5 books from the same shelf he picked his.
  • We synchronistically sat down in the arts section of the library, I am not sure if Daniel knew this before, but we were just pulled by something and loved this table from the first moment we sat down here.
  • As soon as we both had our 5 books ready each (10 books in total – > 5 + 5 = 10 😉 we both took a photo of the piles of books from the table.

  • Then I asked Daniel to write down any thought that came to his mind.
  • I started doing the same.
  • Daniel finished writing before I did, so I asked him to please take photos of each book of our piles of books. I realised although we both like taking photos, we each take photos in a different way.
  • While he was taking photos of the books, I kept writing. Then after he finished taking photos of the books, I asked him how he was feeling, that’s when he mentioned shapes, colours and graphics. So I invited him to do anything he wanted to do with those books as I didn’t want to impose anything to him in particular.
  • Daniel started writing a few paragraphs about what he could see from the books without opening them.
  • Now he just finished writing, he said he didn’t know what else to write but he had written something. So I am just going to finish writing this to see what we do next.

I also have a questionnaire prepared for him which I gave to him for him to answer it while I was writing this post.

I also thought I wanted to make the most of my time in the library, so I started writing about the books I grabbed as well.

Before I started writing about the books, I took photos of all of them. I took a book about John Lennon, another one about Leonardo Davinci, another one about Luis Buñuel, another one about New Age and the last one about Script Writing. 

I find this challenge or experiment always very interesting as it helps me start finding patterns of thought and creation.

From the books I grabbed I wrote the following questions:

What interests me in and from the world? 

What can I do in the world and for the world?

This is the list of books I grabbed myself from the library shelves: 

New Age

John Lennon Canciones. (John Lennon Songs)

El Guión Story: Sustancia, estructura, estilo y principios de la escritura de guiones. (Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting).

Luis Buñuel, filmografía completa. (Luis Bunuel: The Complete Films)

Leonardo Da vinci: tratado de la Pintura. (Leonardo DaVinci: painting treatise).

I felt these books we chose with Daniel respond to what we are both creating and want to create.

So why New Age? John Lennon ‘Songs’, Principles of screenwriting?, Luis Buñuel ‘films’? Leonardo DaVinci: painting treatise?

I guess all of them talk about creativity and people and styles of doing things in a different way.

Luis Buñuel, a surrealist, who created pieces that wouldn’t be understandable by our ‘logical’ mind, while our ‘irrational’, but very rational unconscious mind and soul understands them.

John Lennon, a peace revolutionary, someone who changed the world by using love. Just what we want to do.

New Age, those things that many people don’t necessarily understand and ironically call them ‘New Age’, when they don’t really know what something is  about. Just what we’re trying to do ourselves.

Some might call us ‘New Age’ artists, which is good. Why not? A ‘New Age artist’ is someone who does not really care about being called a ‘New Age artist’ anyway. So you can call us like that if you’d like.

El guión… The story, well, we all have our life script or screenplay, the thing is that some of us don’t really know or have realised we’re writing it everyday of our lives. The world is speaking to us and through us, and that’s what we need to understand.

Leonardo DaVinci, a transdisciplinary genius who explored the different dimensions of being human.

There are other things and ideas that came to my mind today after seeing the books and talking with Daniel, which I will be writing about and hopefully creating other interesting initiatives from there.

These are some of the thoughts that appeared:

Mindfulness: telling stories and photographing moments.

How can photography help people to become more mindful?

Why is it important to ask how someone is feeling?

Why is it important to write down (notice) the order in which someone (one) does things?

On ‘New Age’ artists.

The importance of not knowing everything.

Beauty and the importance of things looking pretty.

And a few documentaries ideas which you will eventually see here 🙂 

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for making part of this story.

See you in the next chapter of this creative journey!

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