Ana Maria Pineda

My name is Ana Maria Pineda. I am an artist who has found that living is an act of creating from the heart and aligning your soul to live in the present, observing the beauty that surrounds you and also making the most of the gift life gave us to create.

In my professional and personal life, I have had the opportunity to be in touch with many different people, from different ages and backgrounds.

In this life journey that I am still travelling, I have found that love is the most powerful force that exists and that through compassion we can open our hearts to a deeper comprehension of our existence and of others too. I have also come to the realization that the most important thing is to live my life serving others, and this includes people, animals, plants and every beam of existence in the universe.

I created Wings to the World as a gift to contribute to our happiness and to raise our awareness of our spiritual nature and how from that special place we can contribute to the universe beginning with investing in our own existence.

Ana Maria Pineda

Founder and Director

Wings to the World