On Change and Transitions

We all fly at the right time!
We all fly at the right time!

As a welcoming post from us, we want to let you know that Wings to the World is growing faster and people like you are making this possible. We are all facing big times of change and we know how hard this can be. However, as hard as it might seem, we appreciate these times of change and know that patience pays.

Regarding these times of change, we want to share with you a small metaphor about the caterpillar and the butterfly and we hope it can be useful for your present moment.

Even though caterpillars know they can become butterflies, while they are still caterpillars, it is still difficult for them to believe this transformation is possible. However, as difficult as this might seem, this transformation is happening inside of them even before they start spinning their cocoon. Later, when caterpillars are patiently building their cocoon, it is one of the hardest periods they can face. However, they endure until the end of the process and wait inside their cocoon and fly when the right time comes. Finally, when the butterfly flies away, she looks back and with deep love and compassion treasures every moment of her life while she was still a caterpillar. Without this time it would have been impossible for her to become who she now is.

We all go through periods of big transformations in our lives, and even though the reasons for the changes are still not clear for us, or the changes that are taking place for us are still not visible, our soul knows deep inside why they are happening and where these changes are taking us. During these transitions, our world can feel like a roller coaster, where the only thing we can do is to hold, and wait for the ride to end, and hopefully make the most of it.

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