The light that prudently stands out

Despite our differences we are all luminous.

I’m a white fox, not as common as the others. Even though I look a bit like the rest, we are not the same.

I stand out not only because of my white hair and tenderness but also, for my pureness and prudence.

Sometimes I would like others not to notice me and be a bit more like them. However, my nature is a bit different. Despite our differences, I know that deep inside we are all the same, it’s only my external appearance which makes me different. The light that shines inside me is the same one you can find in all other beings from the creation. We are all luminous.

I can handle situations which can be threatening without harming anyone and protect myself and others from any situation that might cause unnecessary tensions.

Even though I stand out from the crowd I prefer to go unnoticed.

Sometimes we want to do well in our surroundings and handle a low profile in the meantime. The white fox knows how to do this naturally.

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