Laura Espitia

My interest on Cinema and Television started when I was approximately 15 years old, so I pursued my career as a Bachelor on Film Making and Production with a Postgraduate degree on Business Design and Communications.

A few years ago, I became more aware of my spiritual aspects and this helped me a lot during difficult times when I was depressed because I worked and studied a lot. So I asked the universe to give me answers to deep questions about my life.

Later in my life, my interest for meditation and Transpersonal Psychology increased. All these knowledge helped me reduced my focus for egotistic objectives such as to become a famous film’s director, to have the best job, to have lots of money and have a big house and many things to be ostentatious. As I reduced this kind of yearnings, I started to desire to have more love, compassion for others, peace in my life and friends. To reconcile with nature and animals or things more related with my spiritual side.

Currently I’m studying transpersonal psychology and astrology and I hope that this knowledge allows me to have a better understanding of myself and others.