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Wings to the World is the creative organic product of an internal vision of souls that have found meaning in their life path.
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We are artists, writers, musicians, creators and speakers. We are therapists, healers, coaches and community builders. 

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If I asked you the question “who are you?” What would you say? You might think you already have a good idea

love heart tunnel

4 Keys to Success Are you struggling with partner relationships? Are they too difficult, painful, distant, unfulfilling, angry or passionless? Have you given

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1-18 Today, we would like to offer

I am a rat. In this lifetime, this is what God decided I would be. I don’t even know if other life

Spiritual emergencies, anniversaries and cycles Hello dear you who stopped by today to read these reflections about ‘spiritual emergencies, anniversaries and cycles’.

We’re not going to see each other as strangers anymore after all this ‘has passed’ This insight didn’t last more than 10

Image source I decided to give these series of writings the name ‘Awakening Diaries’. This name came to me a few days

I was talking to my sister today who’s writing a paper on something related to fuzzy logic, a term I remember I have

A few weeks ago I got an insight about the importance of replacing shame with openness in my life and allow myself to shine with

The more we want to be certain about something, the less it seems we can grasp it. Life has its own ways

A few weeks ago I had a very especial talk with my friend Daniel Barbosa, who genuinely manifested his interest in working with me

I was once a baby and although I thought it was impossible to be as strong as my mum, I can proudly

"It's up to me to live the life that will fulfill me".Andy Lever, a very creative adventurer, rock climber, teacher and environmental

"Be positive in life and do things with love"DAST, a Colombian street artist talked with Wings to the World about his art,

My skin is hard and strong enough to stand the currents of a muddy period. I can handle difficult situations waiting patiently

The calm deer has come to look for you. You saw it but it saw you first. It only wants to be

Owls wait for the night to come knowing that they have done things right. They look at their surroundings and perceive that

Sometimes what we fear the most is what can give us the answers we’re seeking. Have you ever dreamt about spiders? Have you

What in the world is positive if you’re looking at it from the other side? Is black positive and white negative? Is

As a welcoming post from us, we want to let you know that Wings to the World is growing faster and people

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