From fuzzy logic to quantum mechanics

I was talking to my sister today who’s writing a paper on something related to fuzzy logic, a term I remember I have heard before but not really knew what it was about. It sounded like an interesting topic for me so I suggested I could call a friend of mine, who’s a mathematician who also loves physics and who I thought might be interested in fuzzy logic too. I thought they could have an interesting conversation about fuzzy logic while my sister could also gain some inspiration for her paper. As she didn’t seem very interested about the idea, I felt it could be an interesting conversation for me to have instead 🙂

So I called my friend Sumant, talked to him about fuzzy logic, and he ended up asking me about those things I am interested to learn about. He said: what are you interested in learning Ana Maria? and I replied “everything” -while laughing-. And even if it sounds funny, or exaggerated, it’s true… I am interested in learning about everything.

I told Sumant that if I talked to an engineer I would be interested about engineering, if I talked to a doctor I would be interested about medicine… if I talked to a musician I would be interested in music and so on. And this is what for me makes life beautiful: the fact of appreciating what everyone can do in the world and the different ways in which things can be done.

I am interested in learning about everything and everyone.

But this is not all about disciplines or topics themselves. It is about finding patterns of thought and connections between different ways of approaching the world. I have found out that the fact of living my life from this sort of ‘transdisciplinary perspective’ allows me to make connections between different things that would otherwise be limited if I thought about them through disciplines only. So this is why I find beautiful an interesting to learn about different people and things as every new learning opens a new path of possibilities and understandings. A doctor can start talking to me about medicine, and can end up talking with me about plants and the stars… I can start learning about fuzzy logic and end up doing an art work from there. It is just a matter of accepting new challenges, and maybe see the world as an artist will do.

I can start learning about fuzzy logic and end up doing an art work from there.

Do you believe artists see the world in a different way?

So after talking to my friend Sumant for a while we decided to register for a course in edx of ‘Quantum Mechanics for Everyone’. Sumant told me I could be interested in taking it, as I have mentioned my interest in quantum physics.

Screenshot of edx course ‘Quantum Mechanics for Everyone‘.

So we set ourselves up for a new challenge to finish this course in a month from today. We will meet some days in order to review what we have learnt and to clarify doubts and hopefully create something from this.

The most interesting thing about our conversation, and of this new challenge, is that we believe that learning something new along with someone else helps us relate to that new knowledge in a different way and pushes us to give more from ourselves that we could probably do if we did it on our own.

As Sumant said “collaborative learning is more efficient than doing something on your own“.

So I will see what this new challenge brings to my life and to Sumant’s and hopefully to other people who would benefit from this.

I will try to keep you updated with this story.

Have you had any collaborative learning experiences? How have those experiences been for you?

Do you believe ‘collaborative learning’ is a good way to call this type of experience? Would you refer to them in a different way?

Do you believe approaching the world from a transdisciplinary perspective could be interesting? Do you do that? Do you know anyone who does?

Thanks for reading and see you soon 🙂

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