From shame to openness

A few weeks ago I got an insight about the importance of replacing shame with openness in my life and allow myself to shine with all the beauty that’s inside me for the world to see it.

I know this is true for all of us.

When did shame begin to reign our world?

Does shame go along with fear?

I guess shame and fear go hand in hand, and they tend to feed one another.

When love is what reigns there’s no room for fear of shame to be present as we acquire the capacity to accept and let things be as they are.

In the same way, when we allow love to be, we let ourselves live from our essence.

What’s missing for us to totally trust the outcomes of our actions?

Do we have to step back from every situation we are face with and let it be the way it should? We can step out from situations out of love or fear and shame, and this choice makes a big difference.

What can the outcome be when we take distance from life out of shame?

How does this outcome change when we take distance with love and allow life to be?

When exactly is the right time for us to step back from situations?

We can step out from situations out of love or fear and shame, and this choice makes a big difference.

It seems life is about understanding this dance of putting ourselves inside situations and taking distance from them while being conscious of the forces that are driving our actions.

Is it love or fear what’s moving us? Is it shame or openness what we are welcoming in our life?

Can I allow myself to remove all the obstacles and barriers I have built up around me darkening my own light which is asking in many ways to be able to shine?

Can I live from openness, love and trust, instead of shame and fear? How does this new me feel?

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Thank you!

See you soon 🙂

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