Developing our safe and sacred place

White-owl-wings-to-the-worldOwls wait for the night to come knowing that they have done things right. They look at their surroundings and perceive that during the day everything goes faster, even sometimes with abandon.

However, they take their time and contemplate. From this safe place they have created they can listen to their heart, and the heart of the Earth, beating with the subtle rhythm of the night breeze. Their eyes can see perfectly well, more than what is apparent. They can connect through them with the essence of all. They travel with their sight to unsuspected places.

Owls stand out with their body, feathers, wings and subtleness. Everyone respects them for their innate and acquired wisdom. Their safe place allows them to move and they have wings to transcend.

Owls feel safe passing through darkness, and even though they’re solitary, they guide others along their path from the subtleness and the comprehension of the intuitive beauty under the moonlight.

We all can welcome the owl’s energy into our life, and although it takes time and effort to surpass the hassle that comes with solitude, the knowledge and rewards from this attitude are worth enough living.

Being able to develop an internal safe and sacred place despite the noise of our surroundings is necessary for us while living in a rapid and disordered society.

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